RecogniContact/Web - International Address Parser Web Service - SOAP web service methods
SOAP Methods
class ParsingResult
class VersionInfo
class LicenseInfo
class UsageStats
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SOAP web service methods

The RecogniContact SOAP web service provides methods for parsing addresses and contact data. See for details about the RecogniContact address parser technology.

Auxiliary methods allow you to retrieve information about your license, your usage statistics as well as RecogniContact version information.

The WSDL file required to import the SOAP Web Service into your development environment is available at this location:

For details on RecogniContact/Web SOAP exceptions and error handling, see Exceptions .


ParsingResult Parse(string licenseKey, string stringToParse);
Parses stringToParse into contact and address data fields

ParsingResult FindAndParse(string licenseKey, string stringToParse);
Searches stringToParse for a contact information block and returns the parsing result

UsageStats GetUsageStats(string licenseKey);
Returns usage statistics for your license

LicenseInfo GetLicenseInfo(string licenseKey);
Returns license details and usage quotas for your license

VersionInfo GetParserVersion();
Returns the version of the parsing engine as a VersionInfo object

string GetParserVersionAsString();
Returns the version of the parsing engine as version string of format (example:

VersionInfo GetInterfaceVersion();
Returns the SOAP web service interface version as a VersionInfo object

string GetInterfaceVersionAsString();
Returns the SOAP web service interface version as a string of format (example: